Growing an Herb Garden by Nikki

Mini Herb Garden      

This is my mini, indoor herb garden…. It is fragrant, colorful, handy and still alive after three weeks! Before moving to Prague nearly three years ago, I lived in the Pacific Northwest- Oregon to be exact. Lush, green, and naturally watered, Portland is a cycling, liberal, green and garden-friendly city! Throughout the school year, I tended to a garden plot with kindergarteners- growing fava and pole beans, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and squash. While living in a downtown apartment, I applied for a garden plot at a local community garden only to be waitlisted- twice! Eventually, I moved into a house with friends who didn’t mind that I take up the majority of the small back yard with two garden plots! I found a shipping crate on the street one day, called a couple friends to help me haul it home; a few power tools later, a trip to the garden center, and that reused crate became two beautiful garden plots! Lettuce, green peppers, pole beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash were grown there and enjoyed for two summers… and then I moved to Praha! When I visit my hometown during the summers, I look forward to joining my mother at her garden plot at the local community farm. But now that my home is in an apartment in Prague, Czech Republic I have found new ways to enjoy city gardening!

Now let’s get back to my current mini-herb garden. Three out of my five herb plants were purchased at my local farmer’s market. The market at Jihro z Podebrad has brought life into my neighborhood and herbs and other goodies into my kitchen. I like to fill my basket with nuts, dried fruit, flowers, a variety of cheeses and fresh vegetables! But these herbs have been the highlight of my culinary tastes the past couple weeks.

Fresh herbs…

You see, I love to garden but maybe not as much as I like to cook! I recently read an article in O Magazine where Oprah mentioned that she “marinated” chicken breasts in herbs from her garden! I tried it…  and she is right- TASTY! Fresh herbs add flavor to dishes without any oil, salt or pepper; it is truly all-natural.

Chicken Breast with fresh herbs on a bed of lettuce.

You want to give it a try? Here is what to do:

Choose a variety of herbs and chop or pulverize them until small. The fragrance of the herbs will release and the aroma will be lovely!

Next, spread a pinch or two of herbs in the bottom of a container. Layer chicken on bottom of container then top with remaining herbs!

Let “marinate” over night in the fridge… take out 15 minutes before cooking and grill or bake until juices run clear!

Visit your local garden store or Farmer’s market, and start your own mini, kitchen herb garden- you won’t regret it! – Nikki




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