A Celebration of parenthood AND local markets! – By Nikki

Mustard Fruits and Baked Ham

Last week, Allison and myself threw a non-traditional baby shower for our two good friends who live in Holland. It is a friendship that has strength and no relocation or distance could stop us from throwing an incredible party to celebrate our friends’ upcoming adventure of parenthood! With the menu planning already in effect, I spent a week picking up things here and there from various grocery stores, making sure I had everything I needed to make my dishes. By Tuesday, I was starting to panic after visiting my third store of the week looking for pecans and figs. These were two main ingredients in two separate dishes and I NEEDED them. I began assessing my schedule for the week trying to decide how I would rearrange an afternoon to make a special trip to the Billa in Dejvicka- the only place I have ever bought both of these culinary delights at the same time! Then Wednesday afternoon, I got off the green line metro at my usual stop, Jhiro z Podebrad, and the farmers market was hustling and bustling… I scanned for the orange tent and it was there- the dried fruit and nut vendor! I was in luck, and that afternoon, I walked home with 200 grams of big, beautiful dried figs and 500 grams of natural pecans!

Desserts: Lemon Squares, Chocolate Brownies, and Pecan Squares… and a few strawberries!

You might be thinking what did I actually use the figs and pecan for? The figs were a complimentary ingredient for the Mustard Fruits to go with my baked ham and the pecans were the star ingredient for the sweet and buttery Pecan-Shortbread squares. Both recipes were gobbled up with flattering compliments and many trips to the kitchen for second helpings.  I have to admit, these are the moments when I am thankful for the consistency of the local farmers markets around town…  and I realize that there is no need to panic because I know that if the vendor I need is not set up in their usual spot on Wednesday then they will be there on Friday and/or Saturday! I can rest easy… and enjoy! – Nikki

Below are links to the recipes I used last weekend!

Mustard Fruits Recipe





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