Jammin’ Time By Allison

Low-sugar Strawberry Vanilla Jam by Allison

These strawberries were calling my name. Literally. I rode my bike to the Holesivice farmers market and purchased 4 kilos of these  gorgeous strawberries from one of my favorite vendors. Luckily they just fit into my saddle bags on each side of my back tires.

Low-sugar Strawberry Vanilla Jam


9 cups hulled and sliced fresh strawberries

2 cups sugar

one large vanilla bean

the juice of one lemon

Once I unpacked them at home I rinsed them and cut them in half, measured out 9 cups of cut berries and added two cups of sugar and a chopped vanilla bean to let the flavors blend and to let the juices run. I turned the heat on high and let the berries boil and then I mashed them and smashed them with a potato masher. I prefer to have some bits of strawberries in my jam instead of it being ultra-smooth, but if you’d like smooth jam then you can pulse it in your food-processor to get a uniform consistency.

After the mixture reaches a boil and the desired consistency, add the pectin. I used two of the packages below which I purchased from Albert. Three parts fruit to one part sugar and I added the juice of one large lemon as well which helps increase the levels of pectin in the recipe.

As the water was boiling away in my canning pot at the correct temperature for canning berries, I sterilized the jars in preparation for the strawberry mixture to be added to the jars.

Jars get placed in the “water bath” for 10 minutes immediately after filling.

I purchased these handy two-tone wooden knives at the farmers market and tied them to the jars! I picked up these cute jars at Interspar which are the perfect size for homemade jam. 

Low-sugar jam was what I wanted so one could still taste the natural strawberry instead of just a spoonful of sugar! Knowing that low-sugar jam doesn’t preserve well and needs to be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a few weeks, I was hoping the people I was giving it to would enjoy it and eat it up! Indeed they did!

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