Croissant Sammy with Chicken and Sharp Cheddar by Nikki

Fresh Croissants!

I frequently make a big production in my kitchen, but sometimes a simple, easy sandwich is all you need to satisfy hunger pains. Last Saturday, I mapped my daily run to end at the Farmer’s Market. I went looking for blueberries. Because it was s Czech holiday weekend, the market was very quiet- not a lot of market goers and a few regular vendors were missing from there stations! I had planned on making a summer-inspired Blueberry pie to serve for dessert on Sunday evening. But no blueberries were to be found on this particular day at the market. As I began walking home, I saw one of the regular bread vendors. I don’t consume a lot of bread and usually prefer hearty breads that are whole wheat or multi-grain with seeds. This particular bread vendor offered a variety of brown breads- whole loaves and smaller rounds, but the croissants were big, fluffy and looked really delicious. So I bought two!

Croissant Sammy!

When I returned home, I quickly turned one of my croissants into a sandwich- or sammy as the Kiwi’s refer to it! I stuffed it with lettuce, chicken, and sharp cheddar cheese from New Zealand.

Quick and easy lunch!

I added a few extra veggies and seedless, green grapes on the side, and this was an easy and quick but very healthy lunch… well except for the buttery, flaky-crusted croissant! But like I said, sometimes special breads need to be enjoyed…


Croissant Sammy with Chicken and Sharp Cheddar

Using fresh croissants (or other bread rolls of choice), first slather on preferred condiments. I used whole-grain mustard from Marks & Spencer. Stuff the croissants/rolls with your preferred meats or veggies and enjoy!

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