Love is an essential ingredient… by Nikki

Mama Hume’s Sour Cream Wax Beans

I really do think love is an essential ingredient- maybe even the most important in any dish created in your kitchen. Now, I agree there are evenings when you just need to put dinner on the table and love seems to be replaced with the feeling of hunger! But I believe regardless of the urgency to feed or the extravagance of the meal, the kitchen is a place of love… if not for the food then FOR the people who eat it and FROM the people who create it!

I have been living in Prague for nearly four years, and without a doubt the one thing I miss most about Portland are family dinners. My mom and dad are both very creative in the kitchen. While one seems to enjoy preparing savory meats, complimentary sauces and an incredible cup of espresso the other has a knack for baking, canning, and pairing the BEST side dishes to compliment ANY main. My interest in creative cooking comes initially from my family kitchen where dad would fry up bacon and fling pancakes across the kitchen. You would hear, “hold up your plate” and there would come a pancake flying through the air and land on your plate- hot and ready to slather with pure maple syrup! My family kitchen is where Mom would fill the house with aromas of various cookies at Christmas time and apple pie or homemade lasagna on request. Each of us kids has a favorite meal or baked treat that is requested for birthday dinners, special occasions or just because we want to enjoy them… that is how much LOVE comes from my family’s kitchen!

Mama Hume- my heart!

In 2010, my mama visited me in Praha. It was a very special time for us as I was able to show her my new city. While she was here, we explored Italy together, where we (of course!) enjoyed MANY great meals and plenty of vino! But one of my favorite evenings was eating in after a day exploring Prague. I made soup and mom made sour cream green beans. Well, the other day, I stopped in at one of my favorite local potrivinys to pick up a couple pumpkins for roasting. While browsing, as I usually do, I saw these fresh yellow wax beans. It must have been a VERY late crop because summer has been over for some time now, but that was all the more reason for me to purchase these beauties. And as I walked home, I could only think of one thing: Mama Hume’s Sour Cream Green Beans!

I LOVE this simple but very flavorful dish. They are to be enjoyed by all, but if you are NOT a vegetarian, it is a compliment to a good steak, as well. If you are looking for a new way to eat green or yellow, string or wax beans give this a try… and feel the LOVE in YOUR kitchen- from me AND my mama!

Yellow Wax Beans from a local Praha potraviny


Mama Hume’s Sour Cream Wax Beans

Recipe by my mama – Janine Hume

Ingredients: 1-2 handfuls of fresh yellow or green, string or wax beans, 1/3 cup sour cream, 1 tablespoon butter,

salt and pepper to taste



1. Put 1/2 cup water in a saute pan with lip (and lid!) and put on stove at medium heat.

2. Snap the ends off the beans, cut or snap in half and toss into the pan with water.

3. Steam beans until tender, or to desired firmness.

4. Strain beans then put butter, sour cream, salt and pepper into warm pan.

5. Add drained beans back to pan and fold together with sour cream/butter mixture

6. Remove from heat, serve and enjoy warm!

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