An EGG-cellant veggie scramble! by Nikki

Farm Fresh Eggs and Green Grapes

As the days quickly grow dark in the late afternoons and the air becomes more and more crisp, I find myself longing for the markets I visited this summer- in the warm weather and sunshine! While in Croatia with three friends, we discovered a large open air market in the center of Split.

fresh summer produce in Split, Croatia

The colors of the summer fruits were vibrant and the smell of watermelon and nectarines were sweet in the air. On our last day in Split, before heading to Dubrovnik, Mel and I decided to wander through the open air market before hitting the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We were wandering to enjoy the warm weather, the excitement of the market and of course, to purchase something to snack on during our bus journey the following day.

Red and green grapes GALORE!

I picked up two bunches of green grapes. Their fragrance was slightly floral but tasted wonderful and were refreshing on our hot, stuffy bus ride along the coast! After we picked out our fruit, we wandered through a less crowded strip of the market, where we stumbled upon a more permanent stand selling fresh eggs. Knowing we would need a good breakfast before our bus ride the next morning, we picked up 6 eggs… which we enjoyed scrambled with cheese!

the friendly egg lady

Whether it is warm or cold outside, I am always a fan of eating eggs for breakfast… but let’s just be honest, I enjoy eggs MOST on a lazy weekend morning! Why? Because I can take my time to scramble them together with a variety of ingredients. I can relax in the kitchen, with a mug of Earl Grey in hand, Frank Sinatra singing to me through my iTunes, and prepare this healthy, morning meal in my pajamas!

eggs for a scramble

For this simple egg scramble, I used random vegetables I had in the fridge, butter for the pan and seasoned it with green onion, a little garlic salt, paprika, and ground pepper. It is simple… it is delicious… it is an EGG-cellent idea for a lazy morning!

An EGG-cellant Veggie Scramble

The Lazy Morning Veggie Scramble

ingredients: 3 medium or 2 large eggs- preferably fresh from your farmers market or very own hens!

3-5 cremini mushrooms, half a medium zucchini (green or yellow will do!), green onion, fresh basil leaves, fresh flat leaf parsley,

seasonings: garlic salt, ground pepper, paprika,

optional: preferred cheese, a variety of veggies, and of course, bacon is always a good option for meat lovers!


First, I usually scramble the eggs with a little milk and set aside.

Then prepare all vegetable saute ingredients.

In a warm pan, melt a pat of butter (or the heart-healthy option is using a soup spoon of olive oil) with a dash of garlic salt, paprika and ground pepper.

Next, add onions and saute for 1-2 minutes then add the veggies and saute until tender.

Notes: I often add the basil leaves and saute with veggies for the last 2 minutes.

ALSO- If using bacon or other meat based additions, use a seperate pan to prepare the meat according to directions then add to the scramble as the last step!

When the veggies are ready, remove them from the pan and set aside. Put the pan back onto the stove, add the eggs and scramble to desired texture… I like mine fluffy!

When the eggs are 1 minute from feeling ready, add the veggie saute back into the pan stir together for 1 minute.

I like to serve mine sprinkled with fresh, chopped, flat leaf parsley, another sprinkle of ground pepper, and grated parmesan… Enjoy!

mmm… fresh EGGS!


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