Post Holiday Detox Tea


In our Filipino/Spanish household, the festivities of winter should have officially ended on Monday, January 6th, where we wrap up the season with the celebration of Three Kings Day. Yes, that means more presents, candies and cookies! However, on the following day, a dear friend who I hadn’t seen in years, rolled into town for a short stay. That was a definite cause for a celebration!  At one of Prague’s finest cafes, we quickly caught up on the years over hot cups of rich chocolate and delicious pastries. Topping off our sweet bond fest, our late night girlie chats also included some left over Christmas chocolates. As I dipped my hand into a box of Belgian truffles for seconds, I  announced that my “eating vacation,” was soon going to come to an end.


Yep, it’s time to boost up the system with a little detox from the holidays and although it’s not a New Year’s resolution (I normally don’t make them), it’s not a bad idea. I would like to add that I’m really thankful for jeggings. They sure got me through the holidays!

The new green tea?

The new green tea?

I researched a few detox boosting teas and Parsley tea came out the winner. It’s a very simple tea to prep. You simply chop up some fresh parsley and brew it for 5 minutes. The tea comes out green and basically tastes a lot like…(drumroll, please…) PARSLEY!  Here’s a slight warning about this hot beverage…besides flushing out toxins, you might end up with a craving for some tabbouli. I sure did!


Parsley Tea
(Not to be used during pregnancy or during menstrual period. Check with your doctor.)

handful of parsley

 hot water

Chop up a handful of parsley and place into a tea strainer.

Dip your tea strainer into your favorite mug.

Pour enough hot water to fill up your mug.

Let it seep for 5-7 minutes.

Drink one cup a day for a week or up to a month.

Then say good-bye to those 2013 toxins!


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