A quick dinner: Sesame Vegetables over Noodles

veggies + noodles = dinner

veggies + noodles = dinner

Sometimes after a long day, I just need a quick dinner. Of course, I want a hot, yummy dinner but quick is the key word here. A couple weeks ago, I was on my way to pilates and I stopped at one of the local potravinys. This potraviny carries the best corn tortillas not to mention some of the better produce… at least when the Farmer’s markets are not open yet! Browsing the isles for Sriracha hot sauce, I found these really great Asian noodles. I recently made a chicken soup and threw them into the broth. They were a great addition to the soup. I enjoy a lot of Asian cuisine so these noodles are a welcomed addition to my cupboard. Anyway, getting back to my quick dinner. I was really hungry and craving Thai food. But since I am nursing an injured hip and pulled muscle, I decided take out wasn’t the best option!

i love sesame oil

i love sesame oil

Instead I chopped up a few veggies from my fridge sauted them in sesame oil and threw them on top of these noodles. It was perfect and it “hit the spot.” You can throw any veggies into this that you want- I like it colorful!

My new favorite quick dinner!

My new favorite quick dinner!

Sesame Vegetables over noodles

ingredients: fresh green beans, half a red pepper, broccoli, and carrots (dice, cut, or shred them… your choice!) 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, 1 tablespoons of sesame seeds and your favorite noodles.

directions: boil water and noodles, heat oil in the pan; prepare veggies as you like them and saute 6- 8 minutes; combine noodles and veggies in the pan and let the noodles soak up some of the oil; serve hot preferably with Sriracha hot sauce.


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