About TPB

Why The Prague Basket?

Late in the summer of 2010, a wonderful surprise appeared all around
the city of Prague. Along the riverbank and in many of the town’s
squares,  canvas tents and market stalls were quickly becoming a familiar scene. Farmer’s markets were making their mark in Prague and from the look of the crowds and endless lines, the chance to purchase fresh locally grown and hand made products was a long awaited for event.

Since the summer of 2005, when I moved to Prague, I’ve been moaning and groaning about the city’s lack of farmer’s markets. Believe it or not, growing up in NYC, I did have the luxury of buying fruit and vegetables from local farmers, and after living in Italy for a few years, there was just nothing that could compare to getting fresh fruits and vegetables from the outdoor markets.

For 5 years, I wondered why Prague didn’t have the kind of
farmers markets found in neighboring Germany and Austria.
When the “Famarsky Trh” (farmers’ markets) suddenly started popping up
in various neighborhoods around the city, I was absolutely thrilled and excited.Finally, I would get the chance to walk to my neighborhood market with my honey brown straw basket and fill it with the local fresh and seasonal goods of this country.

This blog was developed out of excitement for the farmers markets.
Since 2010, more and more them are making their weekly appearance all
around town and there is always a happy crowd of shoppers strolling
through them. I invited two of my dearest friends in Prague to join me
in this little project.  Our goal is to visit our local market on a
weekly basis and to create something in the kitchen out of inspiration
from the products that are available. This blog will serve as our
group online cooking and shopping journal. We hope that it will also
inspire others to shop at their local farmers markets and we invite
you to share your market experiences with us too!


What will we do when the markets close for the winter season?

We plan to shop at our local bio stores or buy our fruits and
vegetables from a local online supplier that only gets produce from
local farmers.


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    • Wow! Thank you for the nomination! Your blog is new to us, but we look forward to following you in the future. As we are all currently on holiday, we will fulfill our Liebster nomination duties when we return in January. Thank you for nominating our blog and may there be many happy moments and great smells from your kitchen this New Year! All the best – The Prague Basket

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