First Day of School Jam and Bread by Nikki

apricots- delicate and sweet

In the Spring, I purchased a couple of canning books from I intended to use part of my summer to make my own jam. Somehow I only found time to make Apricot Honey Jam. Mid July, I bought these lovely, sweet apricots at the farmers market and used a new recipe from the book Tart and Sweet I love this jam because its taste really is both tart and sweet!

Homemade Apricot Jam

Today was the first day of school, and it was a really great day. There is something special about walking into the classroom at the beginning of the year and knowing that new adventures, inspirations, and relationships are about to transpire… but the first day is also exhausting. Tonight, I needed something simple for dinner. It has been too hot to turn on the oven and after being on my feet all day, I decided I didn’t even have the energy to stand over the stove- that is how easy I needed my dinner to be. So, on my way home I thought about what I really wanted- carbs, bread to be exact! So I stopped at my local PAUL’s Bakery and bought a couple mini, pumpkin seed bread sticks.


When I arrived home, I quickly changed into comfy clothes then made my way into the kitchen. I sliced one of the breadsticks then slathered it with soft cheese and apricot jam. Tart and sweet food always tastes good to me- especially in an extreme heat wave! Maybe it is not the best or most balanced dinner, but it sure did hit-the-spot. And tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to enjoying the same thing for breakfast before the second day of school… enjoy!

tart and sweet