Early Summer Yellow Zuchinni by Nikki

Farmer’s Market by the Vltava River

It is the first weekend of summer vacation. As a teacher, it is one of the most important weekends in our busy teaching life. At the end of a busy school year, this particular weekend signifies not only the beginning of summer holiday, but of becoming human again! I started my summer holiday by meeting up with a good friend and heading out to explore a new market in town. Actually, I have been to the Farmer’s Market on the river before; however, recently, I have mainly been frequenting my neighborhood market. It was a beautiful day to walk along the river and enjoy the atmosphere of the market especially the colors of the vegetables- they are so bright and crisply colored this time of year!

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but was oh so happy to find these early summer yellow zucchini. I haven’t seen yellow zucchini since I was home in Portland last year. So with delight, I snatched up a few. The same vendor had these beautiful, fragrant Roma tomatoes, and I couldn’t resist the fresh carrots either!

My market finds…

I love summer veggies!

This evening, I had friends for dinner. The weather in Prague has finally begun to resemble Summer, so I wanted to make something easy, fresh, but not very labor intensive for a summer’s evening dinner. I decided on a summer veggie pizza! Because I am more and more interested in healthy eating, I used a whole wheat pizza dough recipe I found online from a blog called Kristen in her Kitchen. The crust was soft and tasted great topped with a fresh herb-ricotta spread and a sauteed mixture of the yellow zucchini from the farmer’s market, red peppers, and mushrooms. Very easy summer dinner!

Summer Veggie Pizza with Herb-Ricotta base

This pizza was perfectly accompanied by a green salad using (of course) the Roma tomatoes and fresh carrots also found earlier in the day at the market by the river…  there is something very satisfying about cooking a meal, sharing it with friends, and knowing that you made a good choice at the market that day! Happy Summer everyone!

Green Salad with farmer’s market veggies